Crypto. NFTs. DeFi. And we’re just getting started!!! 😁

Afrometa’s Guide to Getting Started in Blockchain

Blockchain technology is transforming the financial industry and offering new ways for people to build and create wealth. However, for many of us, it’s hard to know how and where to get involved. We’ve put together a simple Guide to Getting Started in Blockchain as a FREE resource to help anyone interested in learning how to get involved.

DeFi Genius: The Best DeFi Has to Offer

Afrometa believes it is critical for all people to have access to the innovative financial applications and products being built using blockchain technology. We are proud to present a curated collection of the latest and greatest DeFi projects for the Afrometa community’s consideration.

Introducing: The Afrometa Community NFT Collection

We created these stunning NFTs badges as a show of thanks for our amazing community! Get your Community badge to show your affiliation with and support of the Afrometa community and flex it proudly. Collect all of the badges to commemorate each step of your journey through Afrometa’s Guide to Getting Started in Blockchain. Each Community Collection badge was custom made exclusively for the Afrometa community and reinforces each member’s connection to Afrometa and its great mission to provide information about and access to innovative technologies, products and services to help foster knowledge, opportunity and wealth creation within the African diaspora.

The Afrometa DAO: Community-Governed, Collective Wisdom

The Metaverse is vast and growing quickly with new projects launching every day. The Afrometa DAO is a community-governed investment club that leverages the collective wisdom of its participants in supporting the most promising projects around.